Halloween Event for Kids

       I really hope my Brandon can join another halloween party so I readily searched for any upcoming treat for this event. I googled and landed on Mommy Renz\’ page! Y\’ey! Now I\’ve got something to look forward to and never have to worry about costume coz we can borrow from his cousin\’s and be using his pumpkin  basket we used from last year\’s Trick or Treat.
      So I am now marking my calendar and checking out ActiveFun for their Oct. 29 Halloween Party.  See details below so you can join too!

Pre-sold tickets available at ActiveFun branch where you wish to participate which cost Php500 that entitles your kid to a 1day unlimited play, snacks, lootbag, and entry to one of the contest categories. Costume contest are categorize to: Spookiest, Spooky cute, Little Prince, and Little Princess. Registration for Contest participants is from 1-3pm on the day of the event. Parade, program and trick or treat will start at exactly 3pm.


11 responses to “Halloween Event for Kids”

  1. I remember how we used to accompany my nephew to the Halloween Trick or Treat in Island Cove. 🙂 Maybe if you are near to Cavite you can check out their Halloween event this October 30. Take care 🙂


  2. Thanks for the info, Karla! we're from munt. not that far from Cavite but hubby won't agree to go there, I know that he would just complain for the long drive… =D


  3. That would be fun. I do love halloween costume party too but I don't like buying the costumes haha! Good for you that you can borrow that is better than buying diba? Thanks for the following and happy weekdays!


  4. wow. ang bilis ng panahon. halloween na. I'm not sure if our little one could attend this year's halloween party here but it would be nice to see her dress up.


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