Rose Gal\’s Elegant Lace Dresses and Swimwear

I\’m a huge fan of simple, but elegant looking fashion dresses. Those flattering elegant lace dresses  undeniably reflects sophistication and grace! Ladies… let us bring one more act of beauty in this world by inspiring other women to  have an extra boost of confidence, one outfit at a time. 😊
As I spent my afternoon browsing online stores for a fashion inspiration, I landed on Rose Gal\’s website, and came up with these dresses on my wishlist:
It was like at first sight for this Charming Lace Fishtail Dress.

Oh-so perfect for a Sunday Dress!

They also offer the dress with special discount when you use the mobile app.
Lace, when styled right adds a cute touch for a casual or special occasion dresses. Same with crochet, when styled right; is vintage and cool and not just for the \’old ladies\’.
Now, take a look on my summer picks to add up style on my wishful 3-day vacation on the beach:
And YES, I have to use a cover up! What do you think, should I choose the white, black or green?
I\’m five years away to turning 40. So yeah, \”Life is too short to wear boring clothes 😂.\” Who\’s with me?!

Here\’s my blog post of my orders.


5 responses to “Rose Gal\’s Elegant Lace Dresses and Swimwear”

  1. Definitely me! I agree. I.dont know where I saw or who I saw wearing lace dresses but I just love them. I saw one at Zara before and readily bought it. I find it elegant yet simple. I am.still on the look out for a nude lace dress and a black long lace dress.


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