My Lazada Return and Refund Experience

Though I highly recommends shopping online to save time and for one\’s own convenience, I also had my share of  online shopping fail (my first!) for clothing at Lazada\’s merchant. Good thing the return of item and refund was done \’in a breeze\’ . I was a bit disappointed but never discouraged from shopping online, but instead learn to laughed off and move forward.

\”Before returning an item, do check Lazada Return policy to make sure your item is eligible for return.

If your return meets all the requirements, return can be initiated via Online Returns Form. The online Returns Form will only be available within 7 or 14 days from the time your item has been delivered, depending on the Return policy of the item bought.\”
After the form is completely filled up, proceed your return following the below steps:
Take note of the Return Number (RN) to be indicated on the LBC Package.

I have bought different items from Lazada; from toys, mobile accessories, household items and cleaner, beauty products, and more!
Lazada was my fave online local shopping site. They  also ship items from abroad. I was very pleased with their system and customer assistance. I can attest good service, why? because I am  a shopper and also  a seller on their site.
As a merchant, we actually experienced items for return due to failed delivery, meaning no one was there to received so the team  has to return the ordered items. Sayang ang effort sa packaging, but that\’s how it goes. As far as I know, Lazada sents a text message to customer informing the delivery schedule, but we can never blame a customer, right?
We also had our first returned item due to reason as \’Item NOT as advertised\’. And that was long ago when a rep from Lazada volunteered to help me post photos and grabbed a photo of Cloth Duct Tape to our Aluminum Duct Tape for sale. I was new to posting products at that time, so it was my mistake for agreeing someone to post in my behalf. So there, lesson learned.
Now, going back to my shopping fail, here\’s the item I ordered last July 22, from International Seller:

Ordered: July 22
Estimated Arrival: Aug 4 – Aug 9 
but Arrived: July 29
Dropped off at LBC FOR RETURN: Monday, Aug. 1 (FREE Shipping!)

I was notified that the Item for Return was Received: Wed., Aug. 3

Confirmation of Paypal Refund: Aug. 3

Overall, I was satisfied with how simple and clear this Return and Refund went. That is why I am still confident to shop online because e-commerce never cease to provide innovative approach to ensure delivery of quality items to meet  every customer\’s expectation. 
Any similar experience?

26 responses to “My Lazada Return and Refund Experience”

  1. So this post confirms that the products come from different sellers. I mean, I thought the products come from brands / companies only. It was years ago when I ordered via Lazada and I returned the item because it wasn't working. The product they sent to me on my second order seemed already been used. But dismissed the fact as it was only a hunch.Nway, glad your experience wasnt too taxing.


  2. I've had one or two returns with Lazada so far. One of them wasn't as easy as this but I'm glad it still got resolved. I didn't know they can refund via PayPal. I always receive my refund via LBC, could be because I chose COD for payment.


  3. The item you received doesn't look that bad, pero iba nga yung nasa photo. Ganun naman mostly yung mga online shops. Most of the time they enhance the photos para mas mukhang maganda. Problem is, you are expecting the same item & quality. Dapat lang naman because you paid for it. Good thing may refund sila. There are so many online shopping horror stories, lalo na sa clothes. I can't remember the last time I bought one, kasi ayoko talagang hindi ko masusukat yung bibilhin ko. I hope nothing similar to this happens on your future purchases. 🙂


  4. Yes, it comes from different sellers. That is why when I order items in one checkout, partial delivery was done due to different postage from different sellers.


  5. I like online shopping although there are some online stores that doesn't really accept refund/returns/exchange. I've had a bad experience with a different online shop a few months back. Instead of refund, they wanted to just give me vouchers so that I can buy again from their site. I said- no, I want my money back. They explained that it will take about a month to refund and better if vouchers. Hayyyy bad customer service!


  6. Good afternoon po, I want to ask for help regarding lazada. I also experienced the same thing. I bought a christmas lights (string lights) on January 10, 2018 and they delivered an outdoor laser light (wrong item). I returned the item and requested for a replacement item but since i had researched lazada and read reviews that never to buy from lazada sellers who have 80% below rate, I contacted lazada thru live chat and told them i want a refund (money) instead. They told me that I can request for a Store Credit Voucher refund and they will process it but until now (February 4, 2018) I still haven't received an email regarding my SCVoucher. I have chatted numerous representatives and still same replies (We will update you in 24-48 hours and coordinate with the return and refunds team) and still none. I asked for the email ad of the return and refunds team but they can't give it daw. I'm frustrated na po.Please help po.Thank you.


  7. Just happened this week.The order has been paid via Lazada Wallet but the item was returned to the seller on March 21, 2019. it has been 5 days (as of writing) since the item was successfully sent back to its seller. I checked the tracking number and the item was successfully delivered to the seller on march 21. I contacted the seller and they reponded that the refund will be automatic. I waited for 5 full days but the refund has not been processed yet. I contacted the seller again and they replied, ask nyo po sa Lazada. 1,686 po pala in total inclusive of the shipping fee. What can you say about this case po?Thank you.


  8. I didnot receive return label on my email as they mentioned\”your return label has been sent to your email,pls check and print\”����.what should I do?


  9. Hi po, may problema po kasi ako. Nag request po ako ng return item kasi defective po. Tapos nireject yung seller ang request na i return ko po yung item kaya nag dispute po ako. Na grant po ng Lazada yung dispute ko at ok na po daw i return yung item within 3 days. Ang problema ko po ngayon ay di po mareturn ng lbc yung item kasi local market daw po ang address ng seller. Dapat daw po ibalik doon sa address ng lazada sa main sa Luzon ang item. Pano po ba ito isasauli na maregister sa lazada na na sinauli mo na at makuha yung refund mo.


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