The Benefits of Playing Solitaire, Logic, and Puzzle Games

Hey 90’s people! Remember the time when the classic Solitaire game help us kill time and keeps us busy in front of our PCs? Personally, it gives me a sense of accomplishment and satisfying feeling whenever those cards jumps and shuffle celebrating my win. It’s quite fun and entertaining, and can also be addicting.

I always go with the classic! Admittedly, I prefer simple and uncomplicated games which I find relaxing and mind refresher. Playing games serves as my quick escape and stress-reliever. Beating my own time and score brings out my competitive nature while in a calm and meditative state.

Hah! Those were the days… It’s different now as we’re in a fast-paced lifestyle and even the kids has accelerated tasks to do. Honestly, I can’t remember my last game time until I realized to slow down today and try to have my well-deserved “me-time”.

The following are the Psychological Benefits of Playing Solitaire:

  1. It Kills Boredom – Consider playing Solitaire if you want to shift your focus or deal with idleness.
  2. It Allows Some Time Alone – permits you to unwind your brain while allowing to reflect on yourself
  3. It Relaxes the Mind – If you suffer from anxiety, you’ll find this game useful in reducing your symptoms. It will give your mind something else to concentrate on, especially when you are idle and at a high risk of developing anxious thoughts.
  4. It Teaches You to Be Patient – patience is essential even in everyday life. Sadly, not many people have this skill. Most of us want things to be done instantly, which is not possible all the time. This is the perfect game to master that skill.
  5. Helps You to Develop Strategy – Some solitaire games can be won by pure luck. But in others, you must be tactful. They’ll require a player to learn and correctly execute the right moves to improve their gameplay. As such, this strengthens your ability to develop an effective strategy and makes the game more fun.

It also offers a single-player game of concentration while providing a perfect alone time. I get to enjoy playing my classic game at

This is me enjoying my holiday with a good old game! But then when you’re a mom, quiet time doesn’t last that long. Soon enough, the kids decided to try out challenging games and get to choose a favorite.

My son’s top games would be:

Daily Maze – which he finds a fun and relaxing game. He felt good winning on difficult level and taking on a greater challenge beating his own score.

Merge the Gems – I also enjoy playing this one! My son find it interesting as he get to strategically position the stone with the same number to win and keep the stone not reaching the top. It’s logical puzzle game that encourages systematic thinking and improves memory.

Daily Net – he said this is a very challenging game. Yep, I agree. I tried out the 9×9 puzzle grid size at first but eventually gave up and restart with 5×5 instead. Even on the smallest grid size, I almost gave up but then patience hits me and surprisingly, all the bulbs lights up! I completed the electrical network, connection at last (6 minutes and 10 sec.). This one improves problem solving ability, and provides a good mental exercise that sharpens memory.

Pirates and Treasures – my daughter loves playing this! a hidden object game that improves visual perception and promotes attention to details. It’s fun and entertaining. I actually lost track of time playing this one as I get to realized my face was already too close on the screen (yay!).

Playing game is already part of our family life. Especially now during the pandemic that kids have plenty of time to enjoy their screen time. And as a mom, I make sure to checkout the games that they play and get to know further details about it or who are they playing with if it’s a network or online game.

Mostly, our conversation starters if not about the games they are playing, it’s the episodes of the show they are currently watching. Limiting screen time is almost impossible, as technology plays a major part in our daily lives. I just constantly remind them to practice the 20-20-20 rule: ” to look away every 20 minutes at an object that is about 20 feet away for a full 20 seconds” to reduce eye strain.


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