My PSA Online Application Experience

Online transactions truly provide a hassle-free experience. It’s practically time-saver, efficient, and more convenient. From its top obvious benefit, who wouldn’t love to do so?, especially us moms who have much things to accomplish and never-ending chores (aawww, sorry… a li’l rant there, I know!).

Well, I am confident to do online transactions from bills payments, grocery shopping, selling, to obtaining new suppliers for our business.

Fraud influx is prevalent, so I make sure to deal with reputable websites only and make a necessary due diligence, as always.

When PSA online application website was featured at Mommy Bloggers Philippines, I immediately take part to experience a convenient and fast way of getting PSA Birth Certificate Online Application thru

Last Friday, May 6, I ordered a total of three (3) Certificates – 2 Birth and Marriage. I filled up the necessary information and double checked if all the details are correct. I was asked what type of Government issued ID to present upon delivery. The courier will not release the PSA certificate to anyone else unless authorized.

I received my order last Wed., May 11. I would rate this order a 5/5 stars for its reliable and fast service. I highly recommend it… with just a few clicks, you can enjoy door to door delivery anywhere in the Philippines – hassle free!

You can make Online Application Request for the following:

✔️PSA birth




Nationwide delivery within Metro Manila – 3 to 4 working days

3-8 working days – outside Metro Manila

This PSA online application is authorized by the Philippine Statistics Authority to handle online request and delivery. 😃


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