Fitness Tools and Culinary Fun Games to try!

Last year, I started my Fitness Journey. I came across an Online Fitness Community on social media and without second thought, signed up for a Fitness Challenge. We do live workouts and Nutrition Class via zoom. I can say that starting my Fitness Journey is one of the best decisions I made.

I created healthy habits for me and my family and vowed that this journey would be our life long journey. Being active and fit has countless benefits and we are feeling better and more energized than before.

Being strong and fit allows me to try other activities such as freediving, surfing, pole fitness and aerial yoga. I love the feeling of sudden rush of excitement from the challenges as it elevates the heart rate.

As for the nutrition part, adding more veggies and fruits to our diet becomes a habit. We enjoy cooking at home more and I get to discover healthier recipes to follow. I found this useful ingredient conversion tool that is simple and convenient to use along with some health and fitness tools for: weight loss, body fat, and workout calculator.

My daughter loves helping in the kitchen so I let her do simple tasks as she enjoys being productive and becoming familiar to food prep and healthier choices.

I always tell the kids to find something they love and enjoy doing that will lead them to determine which career path to take. I also encourage them to build their own businesses to have more control of their time and resources.

My 9-year old daughter declared that she wants to be a chef and manage her own restaurant! I bet she enjoys cooking that much leading her to the “dream job.” With this, I introduce her to play the “Penguin Cafe” game to have a grasp of how a restaurant works and how busy it can get.

At first, she’s enjoying taking orders, being attentive, and collecting tips until it gets busier when the tables add up as she level up and customers becoming impatient. She then got stressed out and got nervous whenever a customer leaves because she can’t serve in time. That’s when I advised her to click the shop icon and go buy something that can help her improve her business.

She has enough coins to buy the ‘Frostblister Skates’ that will double up the speed of the player, so she immediately bought it. As of today, she was able to unlock Level 7 with the help of providing excellent customer service. This game truly help children get an idea of how hard culinary work is.

I love how games like this teaches kids life skills and encourage better understanding of how a business works. Simple as it may seem, this one makes my daughter realize more how rude it is to be grumpy and unreasonable to food servers.

Oh wait, of course I challenge myself to play this “Open Restaurant” game and reach Day 5 with 5,400 dollars! I think this game suits older kids and adults alike due to its simple graphics.

Overall, it is great how technology can bring people together to help reach goals thru easy access of information, vastly increases productivity, and accomplished tasks faster.

Online games makes learning fun for kids and can reinforce important life skills such as making a quick but smart decisions and the use of logic and strategic thinking. So yeah, let’s utilize the use of this one!


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